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سیستم خنک کننده آب خنک CRAH به صورت بالازن،پایین زن،روبروزن
از این نوع سیستم خنک کننده معمولا" درپروژه هایی استفاده می گردد که سامانه اصلی خنک کننده آن مرکز مبتنی بر آب خنک می باشد

این نوع سیستم خنک کننده که به نام تهویه پکیج یا  CRAHنامیده می شود و یک سیستم خنک کننده دقیق برای تامین برودت موردنیاز مراکز حساس به صورت 7 × 24 می باشد .این نوع سیستم خنک کننده معمولا" از نوع پایین زن استفاده می گردد تا هوای خنک تولیدی خود را از طریق کف کاذب به محل موردنظر هدایت نماید.

از این نوع سیستم خنک کننده معمولا" درپروژه هایی استفاده می گردد که سامانه اصلی خنک کننده آن مرکز مبتنی بر آب خنک می باشد و بنابراین بهتر است مبرد سایر سیستم های خنک کننده نیز آب خنک در نظر گرفته شود .

طراحی ، ساخت و تست این محصول با استفاده از استاندارد ایزو9001 می باشد و کاملا" منطبق بر مراجع زیر می باشد:


The machines are in full compliance with European Norms 2006/42CE, 2006/95CE, 2004/108CE, 97/23CE and subsequent amendments.


Cooling capacity 14,0 ÷ 248,0 k 


  • Base in aluminum extrusion, painted with epoxy powders. 

  • Frame in galvanized steel sheet. 

  • Galvanized steel sheet panels painted with epoxy powders, internally insulated with noise absorption material and seals to ensure air tight with the panels. 

  • Hinged front panels with quick release removal system. 

  • Total front access for routine maintenance. 

  • Removable lateral and back side panels. 

  • Colour: RAL 9005 for base and frame (black) 

  • RAL7016 for panels (anthracite gray) 

  • - Air intake from the top and air delivery from the bottom.

- Washable air filters with G4 efficiency, with cells in synthetic fiber and metallic frame (EN 779-2002). 



  • Heat exchanger coil with internally corrugated copper tubes and high efficiency aluminum fins, specifically developed to provide high heat transfer and lower pressure drops. 

  • The heat exchanger is available in 4R, 6R or 8R version. The choice must be made when ordering. 

  • 2-way motorized valve for water flow regulation with 0÷10 VDC control actuator and emergency manual control. Nominal operating pressure up to 1600 kPa and closing pressure (?ps) of 1400 kPa. 

  • Frame in galvanized steel. 

  • Condensate tray in peralluman with PVC flexible discharge pipe. 


  • The fan section is separated and is designed to be fixed under the machine. 

  • It is possible to provide the air flow towards the rear of the machine by moving the panels and the fan guard 

  • The fans section includes: 

  • Height adjusting rubber holders. 

  • The fan section is contained within the machine and includes: 

  • Centrifugal fans with backward airfoil curved blades, single suction and without scroll housings (Plug-fans), directly coupled to electric motor. 

  • Brushless type synchronous EC electric motor with external rotor with integrated electronic commutated system and continuous variation of the rotation speed. 

  • The motor rotation control is obtained with the EC system (Electronic Commutation) that manages the motor through serial communication between electric motor interface and microprocessor control. 

  • Temperature sensors on air intake and delivery. 

  • Fan guard with rubber support on air intake and delivery 


  • In accordance with EN60204-1 norms complete with: 

  • Main switch with door lock safety. 

  • Magnetothermic switches for fans. 

  • Contactors for each load. The supply fans equipped with EC electric motor and don’t require contactors. 

  • Transformer for auxiliary circuit and microprocessor supply. 

Microprocessor system with graphic display for control and monitor of operating and alarms status. The system includes: 

  • Real time clock. 

  • Predisposition for connectivity board housing ( RCcom MBUS/JBUS, LON, BACnet for ethernet (SNMP- TCP/IP), BACnet for MS/TP). 

  • Main components hour-meter. 

  • Non-volatile “Flash” memory for data storage in case of power supply faulty and for alarms status recording (2MB). 

  • Menu with protection password. 

  • LAN connection.