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In-Row DX

In-Row DX
InRow DX ( CoolSide )
Direct expansion air conditioning system for high density racks and blade servers

COOLSIDE EVO is a precision cooling system for application in modern IT infrastructure as telephone exchange, data bank, internet hotel and server rooms, all characterized by high thermal loads. 

COOLSIDE EVO is able to cope the high density of thermal load in a small space, up to 24.9 kW on 0.3 m2 of floor space. 

The modularity of the system together with the adaptive logic of microprocessor control, make COOLSIDE EVO the best solution for cooling racks and the latest generation equipment. 
For installation are not required underfloor plenum, ducts or false-ceilings; the installation foresee the insertion of COOLSIDE EVO within the rows of racks to cool. 

This allows to contrast the localized heat sources (hot spot) tailoring the installation to the actual situation of the plant. 

Another big advantage is the modularity and scalability of the system, characteristics that allow for quick adjustment and economic development of plant layout, according to the changing needs of the infrastructure. 

The COOLSIDE EVO system is designed to serve two main "server room" architectures currently in use: the cooling system for rows of racks (hot/cold aisle) and the direct cooling of the rack (closed loop). 

All COOLSIDE EVO units are equipped with dual power supply system (network + UPS) to ensure continuity of service even during periods of blackouts. 

COOLSIDE EVO is available in direct expansion (DX) version, to be coupled to a remote air cooled condenser, or for supply with chilled water (CW) produced by a liquid chiller.

Design, assembly and test as per the Company Quality Assurance program in full compliance with ISO 9001. RC Group has been the first Italian company in its segment to get the ISO 9001 in October 13th, 1991 with certificate ICIM 0018. 
The machines are in full compliance with European Norms 2006/42CE, 2006/95CE, 2004/108CE, 97/23CE and subsequent amendments

COOLSIDE EVO - Indoor units 

  • Model 010 – Size B3 / B3L - Cooling capacity: 4,5 ÷ 11,1 kW 
  • Model 020 – Size B3 / B3L - Cooling capacity: 10,0 ÷ 22,5 kW 
  • Model 040 - Size B6 / B6L - Cooling capacity: 20,0 ÷ 41,7 kW
  • MCAI M10: Cooling capacity 10 kW - Motocondensing unit equipped with Twin Rotary type compressor, connected to one indoor evaporating units
  • MCAI / MCWI T20: Cooling capacity 20 kW - Motocondensing unit equipped with Scroll type compressor, connected to one or two indoor evaporating units
  • MCAI / MCWI T40: Cooling capacity 40 kW - Motocondensing unit equipped with Scroll type compressor, connected to one, two or three indoor evaporating units


  • Framework in galvanized steel sheet externally painted with epoxy powders. 
  • Panels in galvanized steel sheet externally painted with epoxy powders and internally insulated with noise absorption material. 
  • Access doors. The doors are equipped with handle with security lock. 

Air flow: 

  • B3 / B6 size – Cooling system for rows of racks:  Air intake from the back side through honeycomb type grille and frontal air delivery through honeycomb type grille. 
  • B3L / B6L size – Direct cooling system of racks: Air intake from side through honeycomb type grille and air delivery from side through honeycomb type grille. 
Washable air filters with G2 efficiency, with cells in synthetic fiber, on air suction panel. 
Differential pressure switch on the air side for clogged filters signal. 
  • Heat exchanger coil with internally corrugated copper tubes and high efficiency aluminum fins, specifically developed to provide high heat transfer and lower pressure drops. 
  • Frame in galvanized steel. 
  • Condensate tray in peralluman. 


  • Centrifugal fans with backward curved blades, single suction and without scroll housings (Plug-fans), directly coupled to brushless type synchronous EC motor with integrated electronic commutated system and continuous variation of the rotation speed. The motor rotation control is obtained with the EC system (Electronic Commutation) that manages the motor according to the 0÷10V proportional signal coming from the microprocessor control. 
  • Fans quick installation system for a fast replacement. 
  • #2 temperature sensors on air delivery. 
  • Temperature sensor on air intake. 
  • Current detector for loss of air flow alarm. 
  • Electronic expansion valve. 
  • Refrigerant pressure transducer for expansion valve. 
  • Refrigerant temperature sensor for expansion valve. 
  • Filter dryer on liquid line. 
  • Refrigerant circuit with copper tubing with anticondensate insulation. 
  • Rotalock valves on liquid and suction line placed on bottom side of the unit for coupling to remote motocondensing unit. 
The COOLSIDE EVO DX 040 (size B6 / B6L) is equipped with one Rotalock valve on liquid line and two Rotalock valves on suction line. The refrigerant connection foresee a single liquid line and a double suction line to ensure the lubricant oil return to the compressor. 
R 410A refrigerant charge. 
  • Extractable electrical panel, in accordance with EN60204-1 norms, complete with: 
  • Power supply with 10A plugs. 
  • Magnetothermic switch on power supply 
  • Terminals for external enabling, smoke/fire alarm, general alarm and LAN connection. 
  • Power supply: 230/1/50. 


Microprocessor system with graphic display for control and monitor of operating and alarms status. The system includes: 

  • Voltage free contact for remote general alarm. 
  • Main components hour-meter. 
  • Non-volatile “Flash” memory for data storage. 
  • Menu with protection password. 
  • LAN connection.