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چیلر هوا خنک

چیلر هوا خنک
چیلر تراکمی هوا خنک
چیلر تراکمی هوا خنک با کارکرد دائم در سال

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چیلر از 200 تا 800 کیلووات
چیلر های از نوع تراکمی و هوا خنک  با مبرد  R 410می باشند . با توجه به حساسیت بالای مرکز داده هر کدام از چیلر ها دارای دو مدار برودتی مجزا از یکدیگر می باشند که اجزای این مدار ها نسبت به هم مستقل می باشند و در صورت بروز مشکل در هر مدار فقط قسمتی از ظرفیت چیلر  از دست می رود .
این محصول با توجه به شرایط خاص مراکز حساس که کارکرد سیستم خنک کننده به صورت 7 × 24 می باشد طراحی شده است تا بتواند آب خنک موردنیاز مرکز را تحت هر شرایط آب و هوایی ( از بازه دمایی 20- تا 53+ درجه سانتیگراد ) را فراهم آورد. همچنین ساختار فلزی این محصول به صورتی طراحی شده است تا قابلیت حمل و جابجایی را با ایجاد کمترین لرزش بر روی المانهای داخلی داشته باشد. 


PYXIS “U” - Liquid chiller 
Cooling Capacity 44,9 ÷ 200,0 kW
PYXIS " W" , "VT" , "T" , "Q" -  Liquid chiller 
Cooling Capacity 119 ÷ 808 kW
PYXIS CLA - Liquid chiller  CLASS A
Cooling Capacity 108 ÷ 867 kW


Base, self supporting frame and panelling in steel plate with protective surfaces treatment in compliance with UNI ISO 9227/ASTMB117 and ISO 7253, and painted with epoxy powders. 
Colour: RAL 9002. 
  • Orbiting spiral (SCROLL) hermetic compressors with spiral profile optimized for R410A refrigerant. 
  • ON / OFF capacity control (0 / 100% each compressor). 
  • 2-pole 3-phase electric motor with direct on line starting. 
  • Phase sequence electronic relay. 
  • Crankcase heater. 
  • Electric motor thermal protection via internal winding temperature sensors. 
  • Rubber supports. 
Copper brazed plate type with cover plates, plates and connections in AISI 316 stainless steel: 
  • With single refrigerant circuit for S version machines. 
  • With double refrigerant circuit for D version machines (option). 
Anticondensate insulation made of polyurethane. 
Temperature sensors on water inlet and outlet. 
Differential water pressure switch for water flow control. 
Hydraulic connections with grooved end. Flexible joint not supplied (optional accessory). 
Antifreeze heater for machine size. 
  • Microchannel condensing coil in aluminium and they are perfectly suitable for the civil and industrial applications cooling, while the protection function of the oxide layer allows an optimum resistance to corrosion also in case of aggressive ambient conditions. 
  • Extremely light construction. The coil weight is only 50% compared to traditional copper pipes and aluminum fins of the same capacity. 
  • Low air side pressure drop and consequentially drastic reduction of the fans motors electric energy consumption. 
  • High heat exchange efficiency. 
  • Reduced internal volume capable of reducing the total refrigerant charge. At the same performances conditions, the micro-channels condensers require up-to less than 75% refrigerant when compared to the traditional heat exchangers. 
  • Frame in painted galvanized steel. 
Axial fans with sickle-shaped blades, fan guard and optimized for low noise levels. 
External rotor AC type electric motor with stepless variable speed for condensing pressure control. 
IP54 enclosure class. 
  • Components for each refrigerant circuit: 
  • Thermostatic expansion valve. 
  • Electromagnetic valve on liquid line. 
  • Sight glass. 
  • Filter dryer on liquid line. 
  • Service valves on liquid line and gas discharge. 
  • Safety valve on high and low pressure side. 
  • Pressure transducers with indication, control and protection functions, on low and high refrigerant pressure. 
  • High pressure safety switch with manual reset. 
  • Refrigerant circuit with copper tubing with anticondensate insulation of the suction line. 
  • Plastic capillary hoses for pressure sensors connection. 
  • R410A refrigerant charge 
  • In accordance with EN60204-1 norms, suitable for outdoor installation, complete with: 
  • Main switch with door lock safety. 
  • Fuses for compressors. 
  • Magnetothermic switch for each fan and water pump (if scheduled). 
  • Contactors for each load. 
  • Transformer for auxiliary circuit and microprocessor supply. 
  • Panel with machine controls. 
  • Power supply: 400/3/50+N



MP.COM microprocessor system with graphic symbol for control and monitor of operating and alarms status. The system includes: 

  • Voltage free contact for remote general alarm. 
  • Main components hour-meter. 
  • Non-volatile “Flash” memory for data storage. 
  • Menu with protection password. 
  • LAN connection. 

The heat exchangers’ threaded hydraulic connections are available up to a diameter of 3 " included, and correspond to ISO 228/1 – G M. 
The pipes’ threaded hydraulic connections are available up to a diameter of 3 " included, and correspond to ISO 7/1 – R. 
The hydraulic connections with flange (FL) are not supplied with counter flange. 
The hydraulic connections with grooved end are not supplied with flexible joint (optional accessory).