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Chilled Water


TS In-Rack up to 31Kw
Chilled water air conditioning system for high density racks and blade servers.

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کاتالوگ in-Rack


With the rack cooling format, a closed loop is created by laterally connecting the rack to the cool unit by means of additional frames placed at the ends of the assembly enabling maximum use of the rack in depth and optimisation of the air flows.
When recirculating the air outside the rack, there are no obstructions or equipment to prevent the installed servers from being cooled properly, thus ensuring that the cool air reaches the front of the rack at all times, regardless of the position in which the servers are set up
Furthermore, since the air is not expelled outside the aisle but rather moves through the front/rear frames, greater ΔT are achieved which ensures that the units continue to work in best cooling zone.


The HDC-Rack is the most efficient solution, as it is possible to work with ΔT of the air up to 25°C, and is therefore the most ideal solution for ultra high-density applications combined with external Free-Cooling type chillers


  •  Individual cooling for 1 or 2 racks.
  •  Possibility of Redundancy N+1.
  •  Real time information and supervision at rack-level.
  •  Fast response capability and regulation of the cooling unit operation.
  •  The air flows are completely contained within the rack.
  •  Air conditioning independent of the room conditions (heat and dust).
  •  Can be implemented in rooms not configured as a Data Centre.
  •  Can be implemented in rooms whose initial layout was not intended for high-density needs.
  •  Requires little space.
  •  Low noise.
  •  Easy to install hydraulics.
  •  Possibility to adapt to any ARCTIC rack already in operation.
  •  Possibility to change over to an aisle system.
  •  Thermally neutral with the room.
Highlighted Feature :
  • capacity of up to 36 Kw with a 12°C water inlet - More Free Cooling Chance
  • air-flow over 5000m3/h, at a temperature of 22°C.
  • ready for operation with ΔT of the air of up to 25°C,
  • Automatic regulation of operation according to real time needs
  • Remote management using a SNMP / Modbus and Sophisticated Monitoring Software


Functional Features
1-      Eight (8) EC vents (Electronic speed control from 30% to 100%).
2-      Three way (3-way) isoporcentual valve.
3-      Internal bypass.
4-      Even air flow distribution throughout the rack height.
5-      Air filters (G4 type, compliant with standard EN-779), interchangeable in operation.
6-      Interchangeable vents at high temperatures
7-      Interchangeable sensors in hot.
8-      Condensation water restraint tray.
9-      Secondary tray for leak detection and restraint.
10-   Condensation pump.
11-   Hydraulics connections in unit's both top and bottom.
12-   Adjustable brush cover at pipe’s entries.
13-   Hydraulic system air bleeder.
14-   Discharge valve.
15-   Side panels lined with thermal insulator.
16-   Doors with key security lock (standard), electronic keyboard (optional) or card reader (optional).
17-   Perforated steel at 81% (Cool Unit Corridor).
18-   Wheels and adjustable feet.
19-   Control display with a keyboard on the unit.
Water leak sensor.
·     2 front temperature sensors.
·     Front humidity sensor.
·     2 return temperature sensors.
·     2 water temperature sensors.
·     Additional temperature sensor (5-meter long).
·     Flow metre.
·     Valve opening position.
·     Water leak detector.
·     Maximum condensation level detector.
·     Pressure differential cut-out for filter.
·     Open door detector (optional).
·     Smoke detector (optional).
Console Status Information
·     Air discharge temperature 1 and 2.
·     Return aire temperature 1 and 2.
·     Return and inlet water temperature.
·     Front air humidity.
·     Cooling capacity.
·     Vent speed and status.
·     Water flow.
·     Valve opening.
·     Unit status: shutdown, operational, emergency mode or emergency shutdown.
Control and Monitoring System
These Cool units can also offer several monitoring and controlling possibilities such as:
1-     Management via console;
2-     Management via Ethernet (integrated web browser);
3-     BMS communication protocols: Modbus, SNMP, BACnet, LonWorks (optional);
4-     Alarms management;
5-     Alarms notification by e-mail and SMS (optional);
6-     Custom alarm activation options;
7-     Front temperature adjustment;
8-     Automatic, semiautomatic and manual operations modes;
9-     Emergency and Emergency Shutdown modes;
10-    Multilingual;
11-    Maintenance notifications;
12-    Vibratory or non-vibratory alarm light activated by alarms (optional);
13-    Possibility of controlling up to 200 Cool Units
14-    Management and monitoring software for multiple units;


Cooling capacity  MDC = 13 KW

Cooling Capacity HDC = 31 KW