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14 Mega Watt Data Center By Rc Group in Russia

Once again RC Group shows its excellence to ensure functionality and safety in air-conditioning in large capacity IT systems. 
This is the case of modern and innovative Data Center of Alabushevo at Zelenograd SEZ (Special Economic Zone), where RC Group, whose technological proposal, accompanied by a detailed global energy survey has been permanentely approved, has applied the best of its technology 
systems and equipment able to satisfy the needs of the complex allowing the functional management with the least energy consumption. 
Zelenograd is the Russian locality where, since 1958, the Soviet electronics industry is based on, and is still one of the most important centers of electronics, microelectronics and hi-tech of modern Russia. 
The city, whose name can be literally translated into English as "Green City", is located 35 km north-west of Moscow and 15 km from Sheremetyevo international airport.

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