IT cooling Chilers Heat Pumps & Multifuctions

2013 RCGroup Distributors Technical Training


 On February 14th and 15th the annual Export Service Training has been held at RCGroup facilities in Valle Salimbene (Pavia).

During the workshop, all news related to precision air conditioners, liquid chillers and heat pumps have been introduced.
A special interest in the software for control and management of the equipments running in the most sophisticated systems is arisen. Besides the sequencers, RCGroup has supplied wide details about the functionality of the remote monitoring system Rilheva. Indeed, Xeo4, in cooperation with RCGroup, has developed an innovative approach for units remote control. The Rilheva does not need the serial port which can be used for BMS connection. An electronic board that allows simultaneous monitoring in real time of up to 31 RCGroup produced units, for maximum 400 Modbus registers, with no preclusion for customer BMS connection systems has been exclusively produced.
The Xeo4 Rilheva system specially applied on RCGroup liquid chillers and a/c units allows:

  • up to 60% reduction of operating costs for unnecessary interventions;
  • interventions on predictable analysis of the malfunctions avoiding machine stop;
  • remote prompt intervention for machine running reactivation;
  • guarantee of higher service levels by monitoring all installations in real-time 24h;
  • optimization of service and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions;
  • interaction with the units even through mobiles (Blackberry, APPs);
  • availability of detailed reports on the unit running through a single system able to manage diversified installations.

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