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Tavan Sarma CRAC (Precision Packges)
Tavan Sarma CRAC (Precision Packges) are the most used air conditioner system in critical centrs

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 TAVAN SARMA CO Group, has started since 1974 (in Persian 1373) the manufacturing of the Precision Air Conditioning Units for the critical centers such as Data centers ,  computer rooms, digital telecommunication centre etc.

TAVAN SARMA produces a range of precision air conditioning units for the computer room , telecommunication center and other sensitive data centers . Tavan sarma package units are designed to provide optimum operating conditions with the best possible reliability . 

 In order to meet data center air conditioning requirement , Tavan Sarma package units are designed and equipped with the following devices and advantages .

  • Microprocessor to control temperature and humidity
  • Low speed centrifugal blowers for silent operation
  • Steam generating humidifier to provide max efficiency
  • Full service access from front and sides
  • Fan speed control to maintain a constant condensing temperature and system capacity while the ambient temperature is low
  • TS Microprocessor shall have the capability for connection to PC in order to control and monitor the package units

 Cooling capacity: 

  •  S version with single refrigerant circuit 15 , 29 , 59 KW
  •  DC version with double refrigerant circuit  29 , 59 KW
Working Condition : -20 C to + 53 C