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Saifor : 

SAIFOR has more than 28 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and giving solutions to Datacenters and Control Rooms infrastructures.

Our headquarter is located in Barcelona (Spain) and affiliates in Madrid (Spain), Palaiseau (France), Kontich (Belgium), Middle East and a wide network of distributors and partners all over the world, put us as a technological power in more than 40 countries.

We also have a plant of over 12000 m2 in Barcelona with the latest technologies advances that allow us to have a quick production, flexibility and fulfilment of all the market demands always adapting our product to our customers needs..

Our team of qualified engineers in the design area together with the R+D department can solve any technical and mechanical needs and they are always in constant studies of new ideas that allow us to be ahead of technologies.

The design of our facilities and Know How allow  us to face the Green ITpolicies of the company and manufacture a high quality product




Rc Group : 


Founded in July 1963 as RC Condizionatori, we have set ourselves well apart from other companies in the HVAC industry over the years by our commitment to creating innovation.
Our drive to innovate originates from the highly specialized environment in which we developed: precision cooling for technological environments, mainly CEDs. Already in its first year in business, RC Condizionatori produced one of Italy's first air conditioners specifically designed for a computer center of a leading Italian bank.


Since then, the company has kept on taking on challenges and it has succeeded every time, tackling new application situations that gradually developed on a market in a continuous evolution, that also brought to the decline of large mainframe computers and to the establishment of distributed information technology with the contemporary assert of the personal computer, with technologies for telecommunications to servers. It has been a continuous development of new answers through an originality of ideas, demonstrating an ability to timely in facing and satisfying new and disparate needs.

Innovation has advanced hand in hand with our pursuit of all-around quality. As proof, RC Group is proud to note that it was the first European company in the HVAC industry to receive ISO 9001 certification in 1991: all processes are certified to ensure the customer products and services pursuant to the company policy.
RC Group SpA has joined the Eurovent participation program testing the products and ensuring that the specifications of the products presented in its own commercial and technical literature are accurate and transparent.
Check of the certification validity is available on the following sites:

A further aspect, that also emphasizes the company record, is the computerization level, often ahead on time, that has accompanied its development. In fact, another important element of RC Group leadership is the high degree of computerization that is often ahead of the times and supports its growth. In 1983, RC Group was likely the first company in the industry to use a CAD (computer aided design) system for its products in place of traditional drawings.
Nowadays, the engineering department of RC Group is adopting the most advanced and sophisticated three-dimensional CAD system, allowing a remarkable time saving for the introduction its new products on the market.

RC Group SpA, formerly known as RC Condizionatori, is located in Valle Salimbene, Italy. From October 25, 2006 RC Group SpA is a subsidiary of DeLclima SpA.
RC Group SpA provides engineering, flexible solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional products with reliable dedicated to air conditioning and refrigeration through experience and application know-how support. The RC Group products and services are provided through a worldwide network of dedicated sales and technical support.