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Oil-Free Turbocor Chiller By Danfoss


RC Group products are the result of a technological growth based on the experiences gained in over fifty years of activity in the air conditioning for data centers applications, metrology labs, telecommunication and comfort, besides
all several and specific equipment for refrigeration and water heating of small, medium and large capacity .
The Turbo FL liquid chillers are equipped with two-stage centrifugal compressor with variable speed, which is able to follow punctually plant demands, obtaining values of energy efficiency ratio (EER) growing in a narrowing of the cooling load
The compressors of the TURBO FL liquid chillers are equipped with magnetic levitation oil-free bearings which compared to traditional ball bearings, completely eliminate all the maintenance procedures of lubrication.
TURBOCOR compressors: WHY?
All TURBOCOR models have important features, as:
  • oil-free, thanks to magnetic bearings
  • extremely silent: Lw=84dB(A) at full speed
  • light (120-140 kg)
  • high energy efficiency, especially at part load
  • total absence of inrush current
All these features do not apply to positive displacement compressors of similar capacity, such as semi-hermetic screw compressors.
Modulation of cooling capacity
Cooling capacity is mainly controlled through the variation of rotating speed (motor speed controlled by inverter).
IGV allows to reduce the mass flow by means of an intentional pressure drop at suction port.
Minimum and maximum cooling capacities depends from suction pressure and pressure ratio. Minimum can vary from 15% to 90% of maximum!! 
TurboCor in Iran
Tavan Sarma group as an excusive distribute of RC Group S.P.A in Iran has recently introduced TURBOCOR chillers to the market of Iran. Tavan Sarma is introducing this new hi-tech product by the support of its competencies that have been qualified in Installing and troubleshooting of TURBOCOR compressors by RC Group training department. Tavan Sarma group also is equipped with most advanced troubleshooting software and hardware to elevate the issues in timely manner and  have the best 24*7 response to critical centers like data center.