Water-Less Inrow
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Water-Less Inrow Cooling System


COOLSIDE EVO is a precision cooling system for application in modern IT infrastructure as telephone exchange, data bank, internet hotel and server rooms, all characterized by high thermal loads in inrow architecture and without risk of circulating water inside the sensitive area like data center and power room .
The main Refrigerant in Inrow DX systems is R410A and capacity up to 42 kw can be archived by single unit in inrow architecture .
COOLSIDE EVO is able to cope the high density of thermal load in a small space, up to 24.9 kW on 0.3 m2 of floor space. 
The modularity of the system together with the adaptive logic of microprocessor control, make COOLSIDE EVO the best solution for cooling racks and the latest generation equipment. 
This allows to contrast the localized heat sources (hot spot) tailoring the installation to the actual situation of the plant. 
Another big advantage is the modularity and scalability of the system, characteristics that allow for quick adjustment and economic development of plant layout, according to the changing needs of the infrastructure. 
The COOLSIDE EVO system is designed to serve two main "server room" architectures currently in use: the cooling system for rows of racks (hot/cold aisle) and the direct cooling of the rack (closed loop). 
All COOLSIDE EVO units are equipped with dual power supply system (network + UPS) to ensure continuity of service even during periods of blackouts. 
For more information please see CoolSide In Product .