Entalphy Room
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Entalphy Test Room


Last March 2010 the new TEST LABORATORY FOR AIR CONDITIONERS started operating at the RC Group production facility in Valle Salimbene (PV).

Performance tests on following units are possible:

  • direct expansion air conditioners in two sections (matched to a remote air cooled condenser) and packaged (with built-in water cooled condenser) in both only cooling and heat pump version
  • chilled water air conditioners
  • terminal units chilled water or hot water
The test laboratory makes also possible the measurement of the airflow performance of fans and other components installed in a cabinet for conditioning and / or air treatment
Applicable norms:
• ANSI-ASHRAE 127-2007
Two testing rooms at ground level:
"indoor" unit room, in which the DX, DW or CW air conditioner to be tested is installed. The configuration of the room allows performance tests on both downflow and upflow units.
The control of the room thermo-hygrometric conditions, representing the Temperature and Humidity values of the air entering the unit under test, is obtained with a AHU installed at the top level.
The AHU is equipped with an auxiliary Plug-Fan controlled by an external inverter that allows the air flow of the unit under test to cross the nozzles measurement section and to keep the air flow/pressure of the unit under test at constant values.
"outdoor" unit room in which the air cooled condenser matching the DX air conditioner. The test "external" conditions are granted a system of re-circulated air treatment (temperature only case of cooling only air conditioners, temperature +humidity in case of heat pump air conditioners) installed inside the room and consisting of:
a. Finned tubes exchanger coil connected to the multifunction chiller
b. Ultrasonic humidification system
c. Re-circulating fan section with EC fans
A first level the AHU connected to the "indoor" unit room by ducts, and consisting of the following 4 sections:
SECTION 1 : "indoor" unit air flow measurement consisting of a wall with calibrated nozzles
SECTION 2 : "indoor" unit air flow / ESP setting consisting of a single inverter driven auxiliary plug-fan
SECTION 3 : "indoor" unit air flow thermo-hygrometric treatment consisting of :
- finned coil exchanger connected to the multifunction chiller
- ultrasonic humidification system
SECTION 4 : fan for re-circulated air to the "indoor" unit room providing the entire air flow requested by the norm, equal to three times the air flow of the air conditioner under test, consisting of no. 4 EC fans