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Cooling Assessments


Nearly all data centre want to improve their overall efficiency but many are not sure what steps they can take that will have a positive impact. The Data Centre Power & Cooling Infrastructure Audit will help to:

  • Plan a more efficient and adaptable power and cooling infrastructure, starting with an audit of the present state and evaluation of alternative approaches and technologies.
  • Monitor and measure power and cooling systems, so they can be managed more effectively and economically.
  • Optimize the existing cooling system through mechanical and room layout changes, using relatively inexpensive devices to redirect and concentrate available airflow.
  • Augment UPS and power distribution systems by using modular approaches and the latest, high efficiency products.


Cooling Assessments provides a systematic look at a Data Centre Power & Cooling Infrastructure Audit to provide a snap shot of the current efficiency, a details analysis of power and cooling infrastructure and a blue print making cost effective improvements to offer steps to improving your sites Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) . 

The Scope of Service Date Centre Power & Cooling Audit

In general, CSPM provides the following scope of aspects of the Data Centre:
Review to any single point of failure;
Tier classification of the data center based on Uptime Institute definition;
Cooling system review;
Data center power usage effectiveness (PUE);
Data center infrastructure efficiency (DCiE).
The Audit service shall cover:-
An analysis of Power and Cooling Infrastructure
Determine Current PUE and DCiE
Detailed Report with Suggestions for Improving Efficiency


Cooling Assessments will provide a thorough analysis of both cooling and power infrastructure to recommend a total solution for PUE and DCiE analysis and remediation. Let our team of experts analyze your data centre and provide you with an action plan to achieve your desired results.