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Tavan Sarma Group History


Tavan Sarma Group History : 

Regarding to the sensitivity of these centers and also to obtain the needed technical standards, this company has used his valuable experience and expertise in order to produce the high quality units which provides optimum operating conditions with the best possible reliability. This procedure has been done with corporation of the American company EDPAC. Their facilities such as providing parts, after sales service and our technical experience of almost 25 years was also a very important point to achieve our goal. As a result Tavan Sarma Group is producing a variety of Computer room air conditioners with deploying the best technologies these days and over 1200 units have been installed all over the country .

Tavan Sarma Approaching for high density Data centers

Regarding the use of High Density Servers and rising the heat load in the Data Centers in last years, TAVAN SARMA TAHVIEH CO (of Tavan Sarma Group), has introduced the new generation of the computer room air conditioner in Iran and  It was In-Row cooling systems .

this new concept has implemented as a first high density data center in banking scale with saifor HDC units and total chiller plant equipments in 2008 including more that 500KW capacity .


TAVAN SARMA CO Group is exclusive Representative of the Spanish company SAIFOR for chilled water inrow cooling systems and Italian company RC Group for Air-cooled chillers and air conditioners  in Iran.

being always as pioneer for deploying a new technologies , acting as authorized Representative of well known companies and keeping the customers data centre live with the best 24*7 after sales services  have been the base principle of tavan sarma group during these years .

Saifor :  

Our partner SAIFOR is the Spanish company with more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture of Racks and Cool Units and includes a highly qualified, experienced team of engineers, supported by the latest design technology and with necessary machineries which is dedicated to the manufacture of its products.

 RC Group : 

our partner RC Group , Founded in July 1963 as RC Condizionatori, we have set ourselves well apart from other companies in the HVAC industry over the years by our commitment to creating innovation.

Our drive to innovate originates from the highly specialized environment in which we developed: precision cooling for technological environments, mainly CEDs. Already in its first year in business, RC Condizionatori produced one of Italy's first air conditioners specifically designed for a computer center of a leading Italian bank. nnovation has advanced hand in hand with our pursuit of all-around quality.

As proof, RC Group is proud to note that it was the first European company in the HVAC industry to receive ISO 9001 certification in 1991: all processes are certified to ensure the customer products and services pursuant to the company policy.

RC Group SpA has joined the Eurovent participation program testing the products and ensuring that the specifications of the products presented in its own commercial and technical literature are accurate and transparent.