Water-Less Inrow
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Water-Less Inrow Cooling System

COOLSIDE EVO is a precision cooling system for application in modern IT infrastructure as telephone exchange, data bank, internet hotel and server rooms, all characterized by high thermal loads in inrow architecture and without risk of circulating wa

Free Cooling

Free cooling is the ability to leverage existing local ambient conditions to reduce energy usage. There are several latitudes and elevations around the world where data center managers can reduce the use of CRAC units and associated cooling costs by

Oil-Free Turbocor Chiller By Danfoss

The compressors of the TURBO FL liquid chillers are equipped with magnetic levitation oil-free bearings which compared to traditional ball bearings, completely eliminate all the maintenance procedures of lubrication.

Data Center Green Cooling Solution

It is thanks to its experience that RC Group has been able to integrate and merge the design excellence,which distinguishes it for years, with the environment demands .